Tandem Skydive

Whether you are serious regarding taking up skydiving, or merely looking for an once off adrenaline rush, a tandem skydive is the means to go.

The rundown on the ground takes 10 mins and then you board the aircraft with your Tandem Master. Whilst in the aircraft, the Tandem Master will attach your harness to his, then you’re good to go!

The aircraft journey to elevation takes around 15 mins and also the leave height is typically 11,000 feet over ground level, which is about 3.5 km.

The tandem pair exits the airplane with the Tandem Master in full control, you don’t have to bother with a single thing other than taking in the panorama and also appreciating the flight right!

Throughout the 40 second freefall the pair will get to speeds of up to 200km per hr with a camera skydiver right with you, capturing every minute of your freefall.

At the end of the freefall the Tandem Master will certainly open the parachute (which is particularly made to lug 2 individuals) adhered to by a 7 minute outstanding canopy trip to the ground. The Tandem Maser takes the responsibility of flying and landing the parachute securely, and as the guest you merely appreciate the journey back to the landing area.

When back on the ground, the camera individual downloads the video which takes around 20 mins after which you will receive a professionally made DVD of all the activity, plus a CD consisting of concerning FIFTY really top quality electronic still pictures.

All Tandem Master’s are skilled skydivers that have been in the sporting activity for time. To become a Tandem Master in South Africa the prospect requires a minimum of 800 jumps to come to be qualified, followed by extensive training and also instruction. Rest guaranteed, the Tandem Master that takes you for your tandem skydive is effectively qualified to do so as well as is an extremely knowledgeable skydiver.


1. Tandem + Cameraman + Handcam (DVD + photos) = R2700
Tandem with video and photos filmed by a skilled freefalling cameraman
as well as video filmed from your instructor’s wrist

2. Tandem + Cameraman (DVD + photos) = R2700
Tandem with video and photos filmed by a skilled freefalling cameraman

3. Tandem + Handcam (DVD + photos) = R2200
Tandem with video and photos filmed from your instructor’s wrist

4. Tandem only, No camera (no DVD/ no photos) = R1800

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Try a tandem skydive, you’ll like it!