From: Nakkie Opperman
Date: 19 December 2016 at 2:23:01 PM SAST
To: ‘Kevin Owen’
Hi Kevin

I just want to thank you for an awesome experience.  I really enjoyed the sky diving and it certainly a lifetime memory!

Kind Regards,

Nakkie Opperman

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:22 PM, marnie potgieter wrote:

Dear Liz & the SOTV team

I skydived with you on 20 August at SOTV.
I wish to thank you for the amazing opportunity. I had a fantastic time. It was really mind blowing and I will do it again.

I also wish to extend a special thank you to Kevin, my tandem master, for showing me the world from a different angle and a frightening height, but most of all for bringing me back safely.

And a great thank you to the pilot for taking me to the clouds. I hanged a few dreams up there and work hard to reach them.

Wishing you all the very best,

Marnie Potgieter (PhD)

From: “Smith, Bradley”
Date: 06 June 2016 at 10:15:48 AM SAST
To: Kevin Owen <kevino@vodamail.co.za>
Subject: Re: Tandem Jump Booking  06/05/2016

Hi Kevin
Just want to thank you for taking Kirst on her first sky dive!
She had an absolute blast and loved every second of it.
Your professionalism and sense of humour really made her experience unforgettable.
Brad + Kirst

From: Nico van Heerden
Sent: 15 May 2016 05:02 PM
To: Kevin Owen
Subject: Thank youHi KevinThis email is overdue but needs to be sent regardlessI would like to express my gratitude for you and your team for making our first skydiving experience something to remember.The day was tough to arrange and quite a drive to get you. It may have been a good chunk of change but it was worth it indeed. Thank you to yourself, Corne’ The gents with the camera’s, the pilot, the video editor (Thank you for the nice touch) and everyone who contributed in some way to make this experience so great.From Wikus and myself, Thanks guys!!We hope to see you guys again in the near future.Kind regardsNico and Wikus

From: Joe Barbosa
Sent: Saturday, March 07, 2015 12:58 PM
To: kevino@vodamail.co.za
Subject: FW: Tandem Jump BookingHi KevinMy first plunge into nothingness was an awesome experience.Thanks for making this fun, for setting my mind at ease ( somewhat ) and for your professionalism and obvious attention to detail in ensuring that one feels safe parachuting down with you.
Thanks to you and Ryan for making it less scary and calming ones nerves through your confidence and sense of humour.
You made my tick on the bucket list a great experienceMany thanks
Joe Barbosa

From: V Amareesh tej
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2015 6:02 PM
To: Kevin Owen
Subject: Re: Tandem Jump Booking 01/10/2015Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot!! you guys made my day

It was one of the best lifetime experience I ever had in my life.

No fear… only enjoyment. Thanks for every thing. you are the best!!!!!

And please pass my heart full thanks to Peter. He is an excellent photographer, I have seen my video and photos, they are just awesome.

You both are the best.

Thanks a lot once again for everything, I will see you soon.

Hope next time you both will be my partners.


From: Nicky Bell
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 10:41 AM
To: ‘Kevin Owen’
Subject: Skydiving Testimonial
Importance: High


Hi Kevin,

Thank you SO MUCH for the most Amazing experience ever.  My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our skydiving experience and will remember it for years to come.  We actually CANNOT wait to do it againJ.  Also, a special thanks for being so professional, making us feel completely comfortable and for going the extra mile in terms of allaying any fears we had, answering all our questions, making us laugh and feel relaxed and most of all, for ensuring that this was a FUN and memorable experience – there’s no doubt that my boyfriend will definitely remember his 18th birthday surpriseJ….  The Cameramen were awesome and both the DVD and Photo CD’s are stunning.

Thank you again.

Kind regards

Kirsten Bell

From: Candice Cole
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2014 11:41 AM
To: Kevin Owen
Subject: Re: Booking 2014-08-23Hi Kevin

Just want to say THANK YOU for the awesome jump Saturday!! WE HAD LOADS OF FUN!!


Hope you enjoy the rest of your week


Candice Cole

Hi Kevin

Just wanted to say thank you very much, for ensuring Corey’s skydive was awesome yesterday, and for the beers that you bought, it is much appreciated. Have a good day.

Kind regards

Veronica Hutchons

14 April 2014

Tandem Skydive

Hi KevinJust a short note of appreciation for the positive way my son and I were engaged by the club and the senior members, during our basic static line course on Saturday.  I found the attention to detail and safety, as well as the disciplined attitude of the members refreshing.  A special mention of Bruce (our instructor) and his overall disposition and presentation is in order.  We are encouraged by all this to continue in the sport and hope to visit again soon.Many thanksAndré and André (Jnr)7 February 2012Static Line Course

Hi KevinThank you so much for the super weekend and training, all the guys and girl were very complimentary of the weekend, training and friendship shown by all involved.Myself and Judy will definitely be back for more and more jumps.And thank you so much for allowing me to get back to freefall so quickly. I had set goals for the weekend but never thought I would progress to this level. I am so ready to do the ISP course and start with real skydiving.CheersMark26 September 2011Static Line Course

Hi KevinJust to say many thanks for the awesome tandem skydive last Sunday. I was impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness throughout the whole procedure. It was great fun and I have several friends who are also keen and will pass on your details when they are ready.thanxRegards,Dr. Peter Timcke7 September 2011Tandem Skydive